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Father's Day Gifts

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Who invented Father's Day?

Credit for “Official’ Father’s day goes to Sonora Smart Dodd of USA, who invented her own celebration in 1910 in tribute to her own Father, a single parent who raised his six children.  

When is it celebrated?

It is generally celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, and the first American Presidential Proclamation recognising was made in 1966.  It didn’t become a proper National Holiday in  the USA until 1972, previous Presidents had been reluctant, some fearing the commercialization of the event. This year Father's Day falls on Sunday June 17th.

How is it celebrated?

From receiving a raised eyebrow some short ten years back in the UK, Father’s day has now become a firm fixture on the celebratory calendar, with Father’s Day Cards in the shops from mid-May, and an ever growing list of dedicated manly gifts.  

Popular gift choices today are:-

  • Cufflinks, Tie-pins, Ties, Socks, Pocket Squares, and Collar Stiffeners
  • A bottle of fine Single Malt Scotch or Irish Whisk(e)y, or fine Cognac
  • Mandle (masculine fragrance candle)
  • coin tray to empty those overloaded trousers 
  • A hip-flask for those cold winter events
  • A special wallet
Visit our Father's Day page to get more great ideas for suitable gifts for Father's Day.

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